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About US

We are a company built by field engineers for field engineers. We exist to solve the biggest challenges faced by Managed Service Providers and Project managers. 

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Why Pattron?

    At Pattron, we want to solve the biggest problem in the IT field service industry: everyone is hoping for the best.

    Freelancers are hoping they are skilled enough to get the job done. Project managers are hoping they are lucky enough to select the right technician. Clients are hoping technicians are reliable enough to provide quality service. Technicians need to have comprehensive field training, a versatile tool kit, and strong customer service skills. Managed Service Providers need dependable technicians to maintain and grow their relationships with clients as well as a streamlined process from start to finish. Clients need the assurance that their critical IT  infrastructure is placed in the right hands.

   In the field, we need people with strong problem-solving skills to manage any unforeseen circumstances. Pattron provides the most versatile field engineers in the industry equipped with all the tools, experience, and critical thinking skills necessary to make any project a success. Together, we will redefine the standard for IT servicing.


The team at Pattron is comprised of proven leaders, skilled technologists, and industry innovators.

Emmanuel Larbi

Chief Executive Officer


Angela Farell


Human Resources

Ama Asamoah

Chief Operations Officer


Godwin Larbi

Project Manager

Logistics and Cost Estimations

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