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Transforming IT Infrastructure with seamless and efficient solutions


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My name is Alexa Young

We are an innovative IT services firm situated in the D.C. Metropolitan area, dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected not only in the exceptional white glove service we offer to our clients but also our track record of deploying the most personable, well-equipped, and detail-oriented professionals.

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Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Emmanuel Larbi

With a background ranging from government sector network engineering to private sector freelance technician work, Emmanuel aims to establish a technician-focused company that bridges the gap between the boots on the ground and our clients.

Chief Operating Officer

Ama Asamoah

With an MBA from The University of the Arts London, Ama leverages her expertise in strategy and customer relations to deliver tailored, comprehensive solutions addressing our clients' unique challenges.

IT Administrative Coordinator

Antionette Quasie

Antoinette's strong organizational skills and attention to detail ensure engineers are fully prepared to meet client needs upon deployment, while also efficiently managing administrative tasks to keep our organization running smoothly.


Expand Your MSP

Seeking an exceptional, well-trained, and dependable team to tackle substantial contracts? Fatigued from the uncertainty of relying on freelancers? Craving seasoned technicians to fortify your workforce and offer adept leadership on projects? Look no further!

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